Keep Fragile Items Safe

If you start preparing a list of items you have in your home, you will be surprised to know about the number of fragile items you have. And when it comes to moving to another home, you will find keeping those fragile items safe during the transit nothing less than a challenge. The fragile items mainly include your kitchenware and the appliances. Some antique and expensive items are also included in the list of fragile items.

Here, you will have to make sure that you pack your fragile items well in order to reduce the risk of their breaking. First you need to identify the dangers to the items and then you need to pack those items to reduce the dangers.

Make an inventory

The very first thing that you are going to have to do is preparing an inventory of the fragile items. The purpose of this inventory preparation is to be ready to expect the difficulty in packing of fragile items. Moreover, you are going to require a lot of special supplies to keep these items safe during the move. Therefore, just go through the fragile items in your home and make sure that you haven’t left anything without noting.

Get the packing supplies

Now that you have prepared the inventory of moving supplies, do a little research about the packing supplies that you are going to require to pack those items. The list is going to make it easy for you to decide about the amount of packing supplies you need to purchase. The most important of the packing supplies that you are going to need to pack the items may include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper.

Use of packing paper

Packing paper is the first layer of safety that you can provide to your fragile items. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you have a lot of packing paper for proper cushioning. First, you will need to wrap the paper around the item. Then, you will need to use this paper for stuffing in the empty spaces of the items. The remaining paper can be used for filling the empty spaces of the container for extra cushioning.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap can provide ultimate safety to your breakables. Bubble wrap can be used as the second layer because first layer of safety comes with the packing paper. You can use this packing item to secure the items well and then you can use small pieces of it to prevent the packed item from getting opened.


Labeling is very important for the boxes that contain fragile items. Remember, no matter what you do to cushion the breakable items, they are going to break anyway if the box is dropped down on the ground from a certain height. Labeling them as fragile will help the movers understand about the attention and care required for handling those items.